Real Estate

Real Estate Entrepreneur

As a seasoned real estate entrepreneur and wealth coach, Dotun Oloyede believes the real estate market holds vast potential for everyone.

Dotun is the CEO of Rolad Properties and Allied Services Ltd., established in 2018 with a family-oriented vision grounded on the bedrock of Respect, Integrity, Speed, Excellence, and Quality. Over the years, Rolad Properties has grown by leaps and bounds, amassing an impressive asset base worth millions of dollars. Dotun oversees a team of over 45 purpose-driven individuals in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, and he has worked with over 1,500 realtors on 27 estates and counting.

The launch of a smart home project comprising 14 units in Abijo GRA, situated within the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, marked a significant milestone, setting the stage for an innovative initiative currently in its pilot phase, named “The Journey to 1000 Homes” in Ogun State, Nigeria. (There should be a link directing them to the projects and a call to action).

Dotun believes that everyone should be involved in the value chain of real estate, even in a passive capacity. According to him, in the expansive landscape of real estate, every individual counts as a player because it serves as a multifaceted vehicle on the road to wealth.

As an authority in this epic sector, he is committed to demystifying the complexities of real estate and empowering individuals with insights that enable them to make astute investment decisions and maximize returns.

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